Wed 23 Apr 12:48pm CDT
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Bar raised for ‘green’ builders nationwide.

Meritage Homes raises the bar once again by releasing its net-zero homes today. These homes consume virtually no energy in the course of one year, and in many cases send back energy to the grid. This is an amazing achievement because these are not expensive demonstration homes; these are affordable (under $200,000) homes that are actually being built for customers. This year, KB Homes — a production builder — unveiled the first U.S. net-zero home in Florida, but these homes are still not for sale yet. A good demonstration by KB Homes may have prompted Meritage to up the ante, but Meritage is actually now building communities that are net-zero. 

Meritage continues to be the clear leader in the U.S. when it comes to energy-efficient homes. Many are following its lead by adopting portions of the technology, like solar panels and foam insulation. But Meritage's desire to be No. 1 in this category is undeniable. Wall St. and consumers are rewarding the company for it, although many in the industry think they are nuts. I guess the proof is in the pudding, and the longer the competiton waits, the greater the advantage Meritage will receive.

USA Today also mentions Meritage’s achievements on Earth Day.

Stay tuned at AvidBuilder for additional interviews with CR Herro, the architect behind all of this innovation at Meritage.